The Importance of Developing Relevant and Intelligent Content

Over recent years content development has played a massive role in the online marketing world. And now as we progress through 2016 we have had to become increasingly shrewd in our development in order to reach our target audiences with greater precision and relevancy.

Ultimately content is the key to building lasting relationships with our customers. Content development is all about encouraging our readers to think deeply and experience certain emotions. While we tend to assume that people make decisions solely based on facts; in actuality psychology and human emotion play a significant part in the decision making process. Typically when people recall text it is not the content itself that they remember, but the overall experience and the way in which they felt at the time when they were absorbing the information.

Engage your audience

The key to successfully engaging your audiences is ultimately all about understanding what it is that makes them tick. What is it that they are looking for? What are their interests? If you manage to grasp that then you will be able to develop intelligent and relevant content that they will be able to relate too. By creating content that your customers want to read, you will be encouraging them to not only engage with you, but also share your content and thus increasing your overall brand exposure throughout the web.

You need to develop content that truly resonates with your target audience. In order to truly develop your brand and create a recognisable and relatable personality you’ll need to be sharing content that your customers take an active interest in – the type of text that they will read and ultimately relate to your products and services.

A great place to begin is by researching which keywords that people are searching when visiting your website – this will give you a good indication as to what to tailor your content toward. Consider what types of topic are getting the most views? You can even check out your competitor’s blog posts and twitter feeds to give you an idea as to what to go for as well. It feels a little cheeky, but everybody does it!

You must understand what your audience will connect with best. It’s all dependent on the age of your audience, their interests and lifestyle’s etc. There are so many different forms of content for you to choose from! Perhaps your audience is more drawn to infographics or videos, whereas other brands may have to create well-written, in depth articles. Know – your – audience!

Make your content relevant to what your audience desires are

When creating content you need to be putting across a specific message that will prompt your customers to take some form of action. It’s all about encouraging them through to the next stage of the buying process.

For example if you are selling a particular brand of natural supplementary and health foods you may wish to feature an article that talks about a particular persons journey from being overweight to achieving their dream physique. This will not only encourage your audience to develop a relationship and understanding with your brand but it will also make them want to take action and start experiencing similar results themselves.

Make sure your content is visible

It’s all well and good writing the perfect content, though if you are sharing it in areas that see very little traffic then ultimately you will be wasting such a great opportunity for growth. For example utilising the various social media platforms to their full potential – your Instagram audience will engage content differently than your twitter audience for example.

Those who have actively made the choice to join your emailing list will likely be expecting content that is geared more towards your products, services and promotions as opposed to your overall brand awareness. Different strokes for different folks and all of that!

You need to set yourself certain goals for certain aspects of your business. Understanding your audience and utilising every social media outlet appropriately is the key to success!